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Postmortem Conf 2014

The first

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PostMortem 2014 is over

We met great people, saw fantastic questions and heard heart-wrenching stories. We want to thank you all for attending this year’s first PostMortem event.

Video's of all 8 speakers and 2 fireside chats of the PostmortemHK conference held 22 November 2014

Introduction and opening speech, why Postmortem Conf. And word of venue sponsor: Cyberport Hong Kong at Postmortem Conf startup conference. 22nd November 2014

Opening talk about the many bullshit things on startups

Martin shares his very personal experience with failure

Jon shares his failures

Derek shares his experience with investments in startups

A fire side chat with the first 4 speakers on the conference, Jeffrey Broer, Martin Kessler, Jon Buford, Derek Kwik

Michael Michelini speaks about entrepreneurship as a career. Taking the leap from idea to reality.

Constant shares his experience in numerous startups he was involved in, the good, that bad and the ugly.

Raphael shares his experience with changes and iterations on HotelQuickly

Richard Lai shares his experience on unsuccessful gadgets he encountered over the years as a journalist.

The PostmortemHK fireside chat with Michael Michelini, Constant Tedder, Raphael Cohen and Richard Lai.

Crowdsourced at the begin of the conference, the topic is “Uber for hearses”. Jon only had a an hour to put this pitch together.